Trang chủ Falsehoods Programmers Believe About CSVs

Falsehoods Programmers Believe About CSVs

PSD logoAs the name suggests, the PSD file format is an image format used for saving image documents and works in progress with Adobe Photoshop. Giant file sizes without noticeable quality gains over formats like WebP, GIF, or PNG.

  • The cd option applies strong encryption to an archive’s central directory, where file names and virtually all other metadata about the archive are stored.
  • You should use WinRAR if you want to create RAR files.
  • 0.2.3Bug FixesMerge Cell StylesMerged cells now persist their styles.
  • RAW files are popular indeed, from most DSLR cameras.

Text can be transformed, since these are format effects applied to “normal” column and row text. To act as host on the Windows system where the Excel source data resides. The engine can extract and reformat the Excel source data. Because of the way that Excel handles file locking, connecting to a source file may change its last modified date to the current date. If you opt for the Java version of EasyXLS, a similar code as above requires PHP/Java Bridge between PHP and Java. For methods with same name but different parameters, only the first method overload retains the original name. If you opt for the COM+ version of EasyXLS, be sure that you have EasyXLS installed and registered on your machine.


You cannot import functions and formulas in the cells to kintone. You might want to consider deleting rows with functions and formulas. By using a CSV file, you can import up to 100,000 rows of data to create an app . Note that you cannot import functions and formulas in the cells to kintone. To make the amount of data smaller, you may want to consider pasting functions and formulas in the file as “values” to a new file.

We can simply add a numerical argument to change the level of compression. Using the zip command, create a ZIP archive of the newly created files. To create a ZIP archive, we simply use the command zip followed by the name we are giving the archive and then a list of the files we wish to include in the archive.

How to Zip Files and Folders in Linux

Since Ant 1.8.0, all zip, jar and similar archives written by Ant will set this flag, if the encoding has been set to UTF-8. The Zip task also supports the merging of multiple zip files into the zip file.